With an open and innovative mindset, away from cliches, OFDA is a group of young Architects and Interior Designers focused on creative design. We offer unique and customized high standard solutions for residential and commercial projects.

Our designs are grounded on minimalism, functionality, attention to detail, and a strong penchant for natural materials. We rely on our ambition and imagination to create friendly, aesthetic and original conceptions reflecting your requirements and possibilities.

At OFDA we focus on creative design, based on a personal rapport and dialogue with the customer. We can provide you with a range of services, from conceptual projects, including high-quality 3D visualizations, to detailed designs ready to be used by contractors.

Initially established in Poland by Oskar Firek, we have gradually expanded through the last 8 years the scope of our services as we reached the international market.

The experience we have gathered through projects in Poland, UK, Norway and France allows us to work in direct contact with the customer or remotely.


O nas
Nasze projekty wyróżnia dbałość o detale, minimalizm, funkcjonalizm oraz upodobanie do naturalnych materiałów. Wymagania, możliwości inwestora z jednej strony, nasza ambicja i wyobraźnia z drugiej sprawiają, że projekty, które tworzymy są przyjazne, estetyczne i oryginalne.
  • Kraków
  • +48 698 911 282
  • oskar.f@ofda.pl
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